My name is Jillian

and I have been an educator for over 11 years and I am the founder of Thriving Teacher Teaches. Before starting my career as an educator I worked for a nutraceutical marketing and sales company which was geared towards selling all natural vitamins and supplements. Shortly after being hired in sales I became the training manager for the company which gave me invaluable experience in the business world! When I first started my career as a teacher, I always dreamed of being an elementary school teacher. I have taught grades 1-3 as well as 6 - 8 math. I also have had the privilege of being a technology consultant and gained extensive knowledge on how to train teachers and administrators from all over the United States to use various types of technology. I am currently on maternity leave, but was teaching 7th grade math before my decision to take time off to be with my amazing daughter. 

While I am out of the classroom I am super fortunate to be able to work from home creating engaging and fun resources for Teachers Pay Teachers, as well as designing digital resources on Etsy! My husband is a small business owner with 5 well established and extremely successful businesses and has been the inspiration behind me taking the proper steps to growing my business and taking charge of my own destiny. I am fortunate to have his guidance and support with creating changes to have the life I’ve only ever dreamed of. We all need people in our lives that can be there to motivate us and give us the encouragement and tools we need to be successful!

This is why I created Thriving Teacher Academy. Teachers Pay Teachers is a wonderful way to make money, but it can be super overwhelming to get started, and it can also be difficult to understand ways to market yourself if you’ve already opened your store!  I have a passion for helping people and seeing others be successful. It makes me so incredibly proud to see the people I have coached thriving and making huge growth in their stores and online presence. I would love to be that person to help guide you, help you stay accountable, and help you understand how to take that next step on the path of growing your brand and your business. Take that step and make an investment in yourself and your future so you can live the life you have always dreamed of!
Hello!My name is Jillian